Missions at Christ Pres

“Mission is not ours; mission is God's. Certainly, the mission of God is the prior reality out of which flows any mission that we get involved in. Or, as has been nicely put, it is not so much the case that God has a mission for his church in the world but that God has a church for his mission in the world. Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission-God's mission." 

—Christopher J.H. Wright

We would love for you to partner with us as we seek to fulfill the Mission to the world that our Savior has laid before us. We take regular trips to Honduras and Cuba and we support missionaries and missions agencies around the world. We would love for you to join us on one of these trips. Check out our events page to see when we are going next and reach out to us for more details on the trip. Our Missions Committee works hard to keep in touch with those missionaries we support, to raise and distribute funds for those missionaries, and to continually support them in prayer. If you are interested in partnering with our Missions Committee you can contact them at missions@christpresbyterian.church