Christ Presbyterian Church longs to be a community that lives the truth and acts in love. As individuals and as a Church we want to be a people so transformed by the astounding grace of God that his love is poured out through us into our community and into the lives of everyone that encounters Christ Presbyterian Church. To aid us in fulfilling this vision, we have adopted 4 central values that we believe Scripture presents as foundational to the ministry of the church. These values shape each of the ministries of CPC.


Worship is the first and highest calling of a follower of Jesus. Worship is written on the fabric of human nature, we were made for it. Our hope is that our worship would be rightly oriented, toward the one who made us, instead of toward the endless pleasures and anxieties of our world. When we join together to participate in this high calling, we rehearse together the story of redemption. Again and again we join together to remind ourselves and one another, that we are great sinners, Christ is a great savior, he has given his people a great mission, and he will bring that mission to completion. 

Worship is about seeing who we are and who God is, this happens corporately but we believe it must go far beyond Sunday Mornings. Worship is the characteristic that must define the Christian life. Every action, every desire, every anxiety, and every affection flows out of what we worship so we constantly work to reorient our worship toward Jesus Christ.


"As in worship, so also in our personal relationships with one another, we are given the gift of participating through the Spirit in the incarnate Son's communion with the Father, in the Trinitarian life of God."



"Knowledge is indispensable to Christian life and service. If we do not use the mind that God has given us, we condemn ourselves to spiritual superficiality and cut ourselves off from many of the riches of God's grace."

Christians are called to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Teaching is one of the ways we seek to worship God with our minds. In his word God has provided us with a deep well of knowledge to nourish, equip, and sustain us. We strive to be a people devoted to knowing God's word deeply that we might be transformed by it in all of life.

Knowledge is a tremendous gift of grace but is not meant for us alone; our teaching ministries are designed to equip us and send us out as transformed people committed to love and service.


The Christian life was designed to be a life lived together. As we walk together we seek to care for one another in a community of grace. We all have baggage, wounds, sins, and struggles. We were never meant to deal with these on out own so we long to be a community in which people can openly and honestly share these struggles and be nurtured with gospel grace.

Christ bids weary sinners come to him and find rest and at CPC we extend the same invitation. Christ's church was never meant to be a museum for saints but a hospital for the broken.


"Community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own."



“Our mission is nothing less (or more) than participating with God in this grand story until he brings it to its guaranteed climax.”

Reaching is the outward projection of the gospel in both word and deed. Jesus came to bring hope to a hopeless world and as his church we are called to participate in sharing that message of hope. We do not exist for ourselves but for the lost, the wounded, and the broken. We believe God has called his church to be active participants in his mission to put all that has gone wrong in the world to rights.

In Tulsa, in the surrounding communities, and around the world there are hurting people who do not know this hope or have not tasted its fruits. In as many ways as we can we seek to bring gospel hope to a hopeless world.