We are a Christ-Centered community of believers seeking to love one another, our city, and the world well. At CPC Jesus has brought together a diverse collection of people that are desperately in love with Him.

Christ-Centered Church, Cross, Gospel


Life and ministry at CPC is all about Jesus. Without him we would have no reason to exist. We believe that Jesus is our only hope in life and in death; the world is full of brokenness and pain but Jesus is a great Savior and King who has come to put right all that is wrong!

As individuals he has rescued us from our sin and suffering and brought us together into a gospel community. In our worship we long to put the glory of Christ on display, to lead people to the foot of his cross, and encourage a deep and abiding hope in his presence and power.

All the ministries at CPC have that same goal! Every event, Bible study, or service opportunity happens so that the love, hope, and peace of Christ might be known and experienced.

If you join us, whether in worship or at one of our events, we hope you encounter Jesus and the immense love and grace he offers to all!


We believe that a central aspect of the mission of the local church is to care for the community in which it exists. Throughout history the church has been a life-giving force in communities around the world, we hope to be bringers of life in Tulsa.

We love the city of Tulsa and long to see the city and its people flourish! We are active in supporting and partnering with those that seek to provide for the needy and bring healing to the broken around Tulsa.

We host a number of outreach and community service events throughout the year as we seek to put our faith into action and see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform our city. To find out how you can be a part of these events check out our Events page and our Serve the City page.

Loving and serving our community isn’t just about the particular ministries of the church, we encourage our people to get involved in the community life of Tulsa and the surrounding areas through vocation, social, and family life.

Fellowship, Community, Love

Reformed Theology, Westminster, Presbyterian, Confessional, Traditional


CPC is a church in the Reformed tradition. This means we place a high value on the theology and practice of the Protestant Reformation. We hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as our doctrinal standard. We believe these documents, while imperfect, are a helpful and accurate representation of Biblical doctrine.

Being Reformed also means that we stress the impact of Christ’s work in every area of our lives. A relationship with Jesus isn’t just about personal salvation but about seeing Christ’s redemptive and restorative work in all things. “As far as the curse is found, so far his grace is given.”

Worship at CPC is also informed by our Reformed Tradition. We believe that God calls his people to participate in worship rather than merely consume but we recognize that Scripture has given particular guidelines as to how we are to worship.