The Holy Spirit's Ministry


Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s work on the Holy Spirit is some of the most thoughtful, challenging, and encouraging material on the topic that is in print. This article from Tabletalk magazine provides a helpful description of the active ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The work of the Holy Spirit is far more constant and far reaching than most of us realize. Far too often we are oblivious to the Spirit’s ministry in our lives each and every day. Reformed Christians have often been guilty of ignoring the Holy Spirit’s activity. Others have erred in the opposite direction, attributing things to the Spirit that are not from the Spirit. In the face of so much confusion and misunderstanding, it is important that faithful Christians work to grow in understanding the nature of the Spirit’s ministry that we might be nourished by it and drawn into deeper relationship with the Comforter that our Savior has sent to us.

Below is a small excerpt from Dr. Ferguson’s article on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. We hope you will devote some time and attention to the full article Here.

“Well-meaning Christians sometimes mistake the Spirit’s work of illumination for revelation, which, unhappily, can lead to serious theological confusion and potentially unhappy practical consequences. But the doctrine of illumination also helps us explain some of the more mysterious elements in our experience without having to resort to the claim that we have the gift of revelation and prophecy. “

Ethan Tonne